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Cosmoc Flavours is feeling immense pleasure in welcoming you to its glorious world of flavours and fragrances. We have been manufacturing and supplying various types of Flavouring Essence. Our company is a well-established name in the industry as a reliable manufacturer of Flavors and Fragrances. Our offered product is valued among clients for its rich taste-smell and longer shelf life.

Human life needs aromas-taste and creating aromas taste is a complex blend of science and art. As a leading global creator of flavors and fragrances used in a wide variety of consumer products, millions of consumers around India enjoy our products daily.

With over many years of experience in flavor innovation, we have recognized Cosmoc Flavours in meeting new changing, and more sophisticated customer flavor requirements. We believe it is not enough just to have the right flavor for a particular requirement. Cosmoc Flavours need to understand each customer’s specific requirement in terms of his product, process, market ambitions, and packaging. Our company is purposefully directed to achieve these prime customer objectives.

World’s Easiest Recipe by Cosmoc Flavours. Our most selling Flavours are Peanut Oil Flavour, Peanut Essence, Groundnut Oil Flavour, Groundnut Essence, Sesame Oil Flavour Essence, and Gingelly Oil Flavour Essence, Mustard Oil Essence, Ghee Flavour Essence, Desi Ghee Flavour Essence & Cow Ghee Essence.

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