Coconut Flavour Essence

In India, coconut oil consumption is the largest in the southern part of India, comprising the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The oil derived from the kernel is popularly used in cooking in the traditional kitchens of households in these states. At present consumers in the market are demanding too much aroma in edible Coconut Oil. To fulfill the demands of our clients, we are offering natural Coconut Oil Flavour Essence. Mainly used for this flavour in edible oil to enhance the high aroma. You may also use this flavour in cookies, cakes, and other baked items. The liquid essence of coconut is strong enough to provide the desired flavour to your food items with a small quality. Also, this flavoring essence retains its aroma and taste even when used at extremely high temperatures. 

This coconut flavor is hygienically prepared and is utilized in various foodstuffs and is highly praised for its purity and strong aroma. Coconut Flavour Essence is a concentrated flavor that contains the delicious essence of tropical coconut. This is a 100% food-grade product. Therefore, you can easily add them to edible oil and Bakery food products. Moreover, it does not alter the quality or texture of your food items in any way. It is safe for consumption as no synthetic fillers are used while making it.

Product Specification

Brand Cosmoc Flavours
Usage/Application Flavoring Essences For Several Edible Oil Industries & Bakery Products
Ingredients/Source Vegetable Oil, Nature Identical Flavoring Substances & Natural Flavoring Substances
Packaging Size 1 Kg,5 Kg
Packaging Type Aluminum Bottle / Plastic Can
Grade Food Grade
Fragrance Natural Coconut Oil Aroma
Physical State Liquid
Solubility Oil/Water Soluble
Dosage Contain 0.3% To 0.5%
Purity 100%
Certification Approved Quality Tested Ingredients
Shelf Life 12 Months
Storage Room Temperature