Cow Ghee Flavour Essence

Cow ghee Flavour Essence is the cornerstone of several cuisines in India. The cow ghee made using the traditional bilona process has a certain procedure. When ghee is made using the prescribed process, it gets that aroma of the typical desi cow ghee. The food that the cows eat directly impacts the milk thus impacting the ghee. Many times, the aroma of the ghee changes when the feed of the cows is changed owing to availability and weather. The commercially available cow ghee which you find in the stores has fragrance, essence and preservatives added in it to make it look and taste the same throughout the year. So on the specific requirements of our valuable clients; we are devoted towards offering superior quality Cow Ghee Flavour Essence. Our contribution to the dairy industry increases the highly aroma and natural taste in cow desi ghee. Enhance your dairy based products creation with Cosmoc Flavours. This product is 100% vegetarian, contains no preservatives and safe for consumption.

Product Specification

Brand Cosmoc Flavours
Usage/Application Flavouring Essences For Increase the Fragrance and Taste in Desi Cow Ghee
Ingredients/Source Nature Identical Flavouring Substances & Natural Flavouring Substances
Packaging Size 1 Litre,5 Litre
Packaging Type Aluminium Bottle / Plastic Can
Grade Edible Grade
Smell/Taste Highly Sweet & Sour Desi Cow Ghee Aroma
Appearance Transparent Yellow
Physical State Liquid
Solubility Oil Soluble
Dosage Contain 0.2 To 5 ML
Advantages High Temperature Resistant Flavoring Essence and Long Lasting Smell
Quality & Features High-Level Purity, Safe to be Consume, Reasonable Rates
Shelf Life 12 Months
Storage Normal Room Temperature