Gingelly Flavour Essence

With an objective to fulfill the demands of our clients, we are engaged in providing a Gingelly Oil Flavour Essence. Enhance your oil product creation with Cosmoc Flavours. It’s a contribution to edible oil industries by increasing the high aroma and versatile taste of products. The Gingelly oil is very popular amongst the Southern regions in India like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, etc. In all these states we are providing high-quality natural Gingelly Flavour Essence. Application of food-grade, these Essence can be used in a diverse range of products due to its versatile nature. 

Gingelly essence has an intense flavor, so only a few drops of this flavour can fill any product with the taste of real sesame. A small amount of this flavoring agent goes a long way due to its concentrated formula. Also, this product is 100% edible and safe for consumption as it is free from all kinds of synthetic ingredients. It is highly rich in unsaturated fats, and get enough anti-oxidants. This keeps your healthy and control blood pressure, treats Arthritis, good for skin and hair. It also help you in digesting, protect liver from alcohol’s impact and much more.

Product Specification

Brand Cosmoc Flavours
Usage/Application Flavouring Essences For Several Edible Oil Industries
Ingredients Vegetable Oil, Nature Identical Flavouring Substances & Natural Flavouring Substances
Packaging Size 5 Kg
Physical State Liquid
Packaging Type Aluminium Bottle / Plastic Can
Grade Food Grade
Aroma Fresh Sesame/Til/Gingelly Smell
Appearance Light Brownish Oil
Solubility Oil Soluble
Certification Approved Quality Tested Ingredients
Shelf Life 12 Months
Stability/Storage Stable at Normal Temperature and Storage in Original Containers